Annual base membership dues for the Linn County Bar Association are waived for the first year of membership.  Base membership dues for all others are as follows:

– Attorneys who have practiced for fewer than 5 years: $95
– Attorneys who have practiced for 5-49 years:  $125
– Attorneys who have practice for 50 or more years:  $0
– Attorneys over age 65 but no longer in practice:  $75

** Total dues amount to be remitted above does not include a voluntary $100 contribution per member for law-related charitable contributions and endowments made on behalf of the LCBA.

Annual dues invoices are sent to members in approximately late August.   Payment of dues should be sent to Linn County Bar Association, P.O. Box 74127, Cedar Rapids, IA 52407.


If you are interested in having the ability to pay your dues online, then please let us know. The leadership may decide to add this feature after there is sufficient demand from our members.