Applications sought for 6th Judicial District Judge Vacancy

Applications are being sought for the position of District Court Judge for the Sixth Judicial District due to the retirement of Judge Marsha Bergan.  Applications are available at the office of the District Court Administrator, Linn County Courthouse, Third Avenue Bridge, Cedar Rapids, Iowa or via email request sent to  Applications and any supporting documentation must be completed and returned to the office of the District Court Administrator no later than 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, 2018.  Individual copies shall be sent to the individual commission members.  Click here for a copy of the official Notice of Vacancy containing the list of commission members.
**** NOTE:  Notice of Vacancy was edited on April 24, 2018 to add new Commissioner name.  See  4-24-18 Updated Notice to All Applicants for District Judge Vacancy here.

The Sixth Judicial Nominating Commission will meet Monday,  May 21, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. to interview and nominate two individuals for the position of District Court Judge for the Sixth Judicial District.  The meeting will take place at the Linn County Courthouse, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Nominees shall be members of the bar of Iowa, shall be residents of the state or district of the court to which they are nominated. The person appointed to the position will serve an initial term of office and will stand for retention at the next general election held not less than one year following appointment.  If retained in office at that time, the person will serve a regular term of six years and may stand for retention in office every six years thereafter.   Retirement of District Judges in Iowa is mandatory at age seventy-two.  The person appointed must be able to serve the initial term and one regular term before reaching age seventy-two.

– Supreme Court Supervisory Order re EDMS unavailability, paper filings temporarily accepted

The Iowa Supreme Court issued a Supervisory Order today, October 17, announcing the EDMS system is currently unavailable and that paper filings are accepted until otherwise directed by the State Court Administrator.    The Order states:

Beginning October 16, 2017, the Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) has been unavailable for Iowans to access. Until otherwise directed by the State Court Administrator, all clerks of court are authorized to accept paper filings. Filers should note Iowa Court Rule 16.309(4) when in instances of extended system unavailability, the filer is responsible for service on the case parties entitled to service.

The Order can be viewed at this link.

The Sixth Judicial District Court Administrator would also like counsel to know it would be very helpful if they could bring any pertinent filings in paper form for the judges to review for any hearings until EDMS is back up and running.

Counsel should also email any pertinent filings to the judge in Word or pdf format.   If counsel does not know the assigned judge, please contact Julie Green in the District Court Administrator’s office at