2007 Kids First Auction Results

Kids First Law Center’s 2nd year anniversary party held April 26 was a big success with over 75 attorneys and judges in attendance and over $5,600 raised! Thank you to all who participated, and thank you to the LCBA for its year-round support.

The auction results are:

1. Wine Tasting at BENZ (Donated by David Zylstra): $300
    Buyers: Bill & Cindy Nicholson, Iris Muchmore, Mark Ogden, Allison Heffern, Liz Croco, Christine Conover, Erica Yoder, Matt Brandes, Chuck & Maryann Peters, Jim & Lorie Peters, Lynn Hartman, 2 illegible names (if this was you, please call Jenny!)

2. Cherry file cabinet (Donated by Gary Streit)
    Buyer: John Ehrhart $400

3. Wood carving (Lorie Reins-Schweer)
    Buyer: Christine Conover $350

4. John Leech art prints (anonymous)
    Buyer: David Baker $150

5. Beef jerky (Mark Zaiger)
    Buyer: Connie Alt $130

6. 3 Baskets of Cookies (Kevin Caster)
    Buyer: Judy Goldberg $50
    Buyer: Heather Fleming $50
    Buyer: Ryan Carter $45

7. Bottle of wine (Diane Kutzko)
    Buyer: Tiffany O’Donnell $100

8. Sailing trip for 4 (Matt Nagle)
    Buyer: Allison Heffern $150

9. Tequila & dinner (Seidl & Chicchelly)
    Buyer: Matt Cole $90

10. Gourmet dinner for 6 (Matt Preston & Brad Brady)
    Buyer: Thad Collins $350

11. Zoom teeth whitening (Thad Collins)
    Buyer: Stephanie Hinz $325

12. Barbeque (Bill McCartan, Paul Burns, Bradley Hart): $420
    Buyers: Mark Chipokas, Allison Heffern, Lynn Hartman, Mark & Denise Roberts, Todd & Melissa Barker, Christine Conover, David Cmelik, Len & Chris Strand

13. Hand knit scarf (Stephanie Hinz)
    Buyer: Liz Jacobi $15

14. Pet sitting for 10 days (Natalie Ditmars, Caitlin Slessor, Liz Craig)
    Buyer: Stephanie Hinz $120

15. Doily (Ruth Green)
    Buyer: Liz Jacobi $15

16. Guitar lessons (Brad Brady)
    Buyer: Diana Hallberg $30

17. Tennis lessons (Ann Brown-Graff)
    Buyer: Anna Rybicki $80

18. “24” DVD (Carolyn Beyer)
    Buyer: Tom Peffer $45

19. Chocolate dessert (Jennifer WendtGeisler)
    Buyer: Lynn Hartman $35

20. Riverside resort spa (Lederer Weston Craig)
    Buyer: Jean Brandes $75

21. We Bring It, You Bake It (Kim Hardeman & Cynthia Sueppel)
    Buyer: Dave & Kathy Good $55

22. Hancher gift certificate (Tim Semelroth)
    Buyer: Elizabeth Croco $75

23. Cheesecake (Doug Meyer)
    Buyer: Mona Knoll $40

24. French doll (Paula Roby)
    Buyer: Diane Kutzko $60

25. Sushi House party (Amy Reasner & Wilford Stone)
    Buyer: Connie Alt $130

26. Weekend pet sitting (Michele Barnes & Scott McLeod)
    Buyer: Marsha Beckelman $60

27. Kernels tickets (Dave Marner Sr.)
    Buyer: Ryan Koester $110

28. Bottle of wine (Ray Terpstra)
    Buyer: Matt Novak $40

29. LCBA Centerfold Calendar (anonymous)
    Buyer: Tom Riley $50

30. Dinner & a Movie (Crawford & Sullivan)
    Buyer: Tim Semelroth $110

31. Brucemore Classics tickets & picnic dinner (Tim Semelroth & Elizabeth Croco)
    Buyer: Tim Van Pelt $150

32. Investment consultation (Matt Rassmusson)
    Buyer: Tricia Hoffman-Simanek $15

33. Hand-made greeting cards (Jenny Schulz)
    Buyer: Dave & Kathy Good $40

34. Office serenade (Anna Rybicki)
    Buyer: Elizabeth Jacobi $60

35. 3 personal training sessions (Cori Butkowski)
    Buyer: Christine Conover $100

36. Longaberger basket & wine (Charles Hallberg)
    Buyer: Caitlin Slessor $40

37. Tax deduction: More than $1200 was donated by attorneys who made tax deductible donations (sometimes above and beyond their auction item purchase) to support Kids First!