Transcripts and outlines from June 26 LCBA Flood Recovery Seminar

As posted previously, state CLE credit in the amount of 5.5 hours was approved for the LCBA Annual Meeting & Flood Recovery Seminar held June 26.    Jane Carson of Carson Reporting generously transcribed the presentations for the LCBA free-of-charge and the participants provided their outlines in pdf or powerpoint format.

 Click here for TRANSCRIPT of panel discussion by New Orleans lawyers Leopold Sher, James M. Garner, and Elwood Cahill of New Orleans law firm Sher, Garner, Cahill, Richter, Klein & Hilbert, LLC 
   The following handouts were provided by Sher, Garner and Elwood at the seminar: Never Say Never Again, Sher Brief, Xavier Brief, Marseilles Opinion

Click here for TRANSCRIPT of Jim Calloway presentation on “Triage and New Technology”
    Here is an outline from Calloway.

CLICK here for TRANSCRIPT of Todd Scott presentation on “Considerations for Displaced Attorneys from a Malpractice Standpoint”

Click here for TRANSCRIPT of Kerry Finley and Kyle Wilcox’s presentation on FEMA & SBA overview
   Here is the PowerPoint Presentation file from the FEMA/SBA presentation.