Donations of Office Supplies for Sixth Judicial District Sought


 As you are probably aware, the Iowa Judiciary currently faces a budget crisis of almost unprecedented magnitude.   The Governor and Legislature have mandated a massive cut to the Judiciary’s budget because of the state’s budget crisis.   Because almost all of the Judiciary’s budget is made up of employee costs, the only way to implement the mandated budget cuts is to cut out travel by judicial employees and to furlough or lay off employees.   This has a huge impact on the timeliness and effectiveness of our courts.

The Linn County Bar Association has contacted Judge Remley to find out how we can help.   It has been suggested that the LCBA donate office supplies so that the District can focus more of its resources on its other operating expenses.   The donation needs to be in the form of office supplies because cash donations will simply be added to the general fund and won’t necessarily benefit the courts in the 6th Judicial District.   The Linn County Bar Association’s Board of Governors is requesting that each of the Association’s members donate $20 to the Linn County Bar Association for this purpose.   Donations should bear the notation “court office supplies”and mailed to our Treasurer, Todd Anderson at Elderkin & Pirnie,   P.O. Box 1968,   Cedar Rapids, IA.   52406.     The Association will coordinate with the 6th Judicial District and use all donations received to purchase office supplies for the 6th Judicial District.