– Important Message from The Justice Not Politics Team

With 20 days until Election Day, we wanted to make sure you saw this powerful Letter to the Editor this morning in The Des Moines Register.

Connie Ryan, chairperson of Justice Not Politics, wrote about the critical importance of upholding the law and constitution of Iowa‘s Supreme Court.

In the letter, Ryan encourages every Iowan to flip the ballot over and vote to uphold Iowa‘s long and proud tradition of fair courts. And, the first step to ensure this will happen is by spreading the message of Justice Not Politics.

Can you contribute $10 or more to help us reach every voter in Iowa so they know to vote yes three times to retain the justices?

A recent poll commissioned by Justice Not Politics showed a 25 percent lead in favor of the justices. Ryan stated in her letter that the results were “a reflection of Iowa’s commitment to fair and impartial courts and a recognition that our judiciary should never be part of the partisan political arena.”

There‘s still so much to do in the last three weeks and we‘ll need your help to keep up the momentum into election day.  Can we count on your help to keep our courts fair and impartial with a $10 contribution?

Thanks for your support,
The Justice Not Politics Team

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