Iowa federal courts remove federal CLE requirements

This summer the District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa each adopted an amended Local Rule 83 eliminating the requirement of six hours federal CLE biannually to be able to practice in federal court.   Under the amended rule, which is effective immediately, federal CLEs are NO LONGER REQUIRED.   The only requirements for continuing to practice in ND & SD Iowa are now (1) admission and good standing in the Iowa bar, and (2) payment of an annual fee.

Attached are the Orders issued by the Northern District and Southern Districts of Iowa adopting amended LR 83, as well as a redline version of LR83 showing the specific changes to the rule. Please note the “Local Rules” webpages for the ND & SD Iowa websites have NOT yet been updated to show the amended rule.   There is however a reference to adoption of the new rule under the “News” section of each court‘s website.

The LCBA publishes an up-to-date list of all LCBA-sponsored CLEs in each issue of the Scriptum.   Due to the LR 83 amendment, we will no longer publish federal CLE information.

LR 83 LAWYERS with proposed changes as of May 8, 2018

Rule 83 amendment NDIA

Rule 83 amendment SDIA