Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure re Civil Subpoenas Revised

Please see the below message that Sharon Modracek, Clerk  of Court for Linn and Jones Counties,  requested be sent  to members of the LCBA.   The message  is about  revisions to the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure regarding civil subpoenas.

Good Afternoon to all

The Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure 1.1701 and 1.715 regarding subpoenas have been revised by the Supreme Court.   The 3 attached sample forms were sent to the clerks by Betty Buitenwerf, legal counsel for the State Court Administrator, and include the information required by the revised rules.
The subpoenas are only for civil cases, not criminal.   They may be signed by the attorney issuing the subpoena or the the clerk.   If you wish to issue and sign your own subpoenas, you may use the attached forms.   These forms (in pdf format) and the revised rules are also available on the Judicial Branch website.   Although the rules do not make these particular forms mandatory, forms in a different format must include the required information.     If you prefer to have subpoenas signed by the clerk, they are available in our office.   The revised rules were effective on October 9, 2009.

Subpoena to Produce Books, Documents, Electroncially Stored Information or Tangible Things or Permit Inspection of Premises

Subpoena to Appear and Testify at Hearing or Trial

Subpoena to Appear and Testify at Deposition or to Produce Documents