LCBA Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee of the LCBA has selected the following slate of nominees to be placed on the ballot for election at the Annual Meeting to be held in June:

President-Elect:                           Connie Alt (to be President in 2009-10)

Treasurer:                                             Todd Anderson (term expiring 2010)

Board of Governors:           Bill Nicholson (term expiring 2011)

                                                                            Laura Mueller (term expiring 2011)

Current President-Elect Scott McLeod will become President at the Annual Meeting.

In addition to the names submitted by the Nominating Committee, any member of the LCBA may have his or her name placed upon the ballot for a position by submitting to the LCBA a petition with at least 10 LCBA members‘ signatures.   Nomination petitions shall be submitted to LCBA President Allison Heffern ( at least four weeks prior to the meeting.   Members will vote on and elect the officers and governors for the open positions at the Annual Meeting.