Linn County District Court “In Custody Appearance” Schedule Reminder

A word from the Linn County Court Administrator’s Office:

Last fall the court changed the Linn schedule for weekday in-custody initial appearances so they are now scheduled at two different times instead of all at 10:30 a.m.  Since this change, there apparently has been some confusion about what matters are scheduled for each of the two different time slots.  Below is a breakdown of the matters that are scheduled for each time slot.  Please use the information below as a guide when you are appearing for clients at their initial appearance.

  In Custody Appearances Monday thru Friday

9:30 am Session:   The Judge will see all the defendants that have (Only) warrant files.  In other words, they have no new charges with the warrant files.
                                      The Judge will also see people who were arrested for Public Intoxication (This charge the court can process on the ticket)
                                       The Judge will also see defendants that are only charged with traffic tickets and have no indictable charges or complaints.

10:30 am Session: The Judge will see all the people in custody who have new charges or Indictable cases that have to be on a complaint.
                                      This would also include any people who were arrested on a warrant and have accrued new charges.