Notice from Linn County Court re: Flood-Related Emergency Court Procedures



Due to the temporary loss of access to the Linn County courthouse, this is a brief summary of procedures that will be followed until further notice. Please understand that these procedures were adopted on short notice, in response to an unprecedented disaster. We understand that many of you have suffered because of this situation.

  • During the week of June 16th, those wishing to file documents or pay court obligations with the Linn County Clerk of Court may either mail documents to the regular Linn County address or file/pay them in person at the Jones County Courthouse in Anamosa. (319-462-4341)


  • Effective June 23, 2008, Court administration, the Clerk of Court, the Linn County Attorney and court hearings will be located at the Kirkwood Continuing Education Center, 7725 Kirkwood Blvd., Rooms 159B, C and D. We do not have phone service or computers as of this time. However, there is some chance we will be able to get these services functioning at Kirkwood this week, but that is still an unknown at this time. Call the Jones County number above if you have questions.


  • District judges will be available at both the Jones County and the Kirkwood locations. In addition, an associate judge will be located at Kirkwood.


  • Juvenile Court will be located at Kirkwood, as well as the Juvenile Detention Center, 800 Walford Rd. (off Sixth Street, south of Wright Blvd.). An associate district and juvenile judge will be located at the Detention Center.


  • The Clerk is authorized to accept signed orders by fax in Jones County, for Linn County cases until further notice. (319-462-5827). Pleadings, motions, etc., must be filed in person in Jones County or by mail, addressed to the Linn County Clerk of Court.


  • Judges will be available in Johnson County and, once their floodwaters subside, will conduct their usual schedule.


  • The court schedules in the rural counties will be maintained.
  • Persons arrested for forcible felonies in Linn County will be held at the Jones County Jail until the Linn County Correctional Facility is re-opened. Magistrate McQuillan has been authorized to conduct initial appearances during the mornings at the Jones County Courthouse. All other arrested persons will have initial appearances at the campus of the Department of Corrections, 901 29th Street SW in Cedar Rapids (west of Sixth St. SW), at 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. There is also the possibility of “Night Court.” A magistrate and a member of the Linn County Attorney‘s Office will be on duty there during regular business hours. Call 398-3675 (Department of Corrections).


  • Temporary contact number for Linn County Attorney is 319-560-7303.


  • Bonds for Linn County defendants will be posted through the Clerk of Court. During regular business hours, bond shall be posted at the Linn County Clerk of Court office which is temporarily located in the Jones County Courthouse in Anamosa, Iowa. After regular business hours, please call the Human Resources Center of the Iowa Department of Correctional Services at 319-730-1201 to make arrangements to post bond.


  • Persons in the custody of the Linn County Sheriff are being held in a number of different facilities. Call 319-377-9026 for location of a particular inmate.


  • We have had to prioritize cases. Generally, juvenile, criminal, child custody and child support cases will take priority. The remaining civil docket will be addressed when possible. Jury trials in Linn County are unlikely until we return to the courthouse.