Notice re Proposed Orders from Linn County bench

Sixth Judicial District Judge Bruns has issued the following notice regarding proposed orders submitted to the court.   Take heed!

We are now entering our  5th year of EDMS.  When we changed to the EDMS system, the need for a date blank and a signature blank for the judge in proposed orders ended.  The EDMS system dates the orders and adds our electronic signature.  Additionally, there is no need to include the word “proposed” in the caption for the proposed order.  All orders you submit via EMDS are proposed orders.  Several of the judges have worked to remind attorneys to take these blanks and the word “proposed” out of their proposed orders.  Those efforts have only been partially successful.  When doing the administrative rotation in Linn County we are still seeing as many as20 orders per day that contain one or both of these blanks or the word”proposed” in the caption.  In the past most or all of us have revised the orders by taking out the blanks and/or fixing the caption.  

I have spoken with Judges Kepros, Anderson, and Thornhill.  The four of us will be covering the Linn County Administrative rotation through the end of April.  We have all decided we are now going to reject any proposed orders that contain blanks for a signature or date or the word “proposed” in the caption.  An order will issue when wer eject these orders and it will tell you the order has been rejected.  No further action will be taken in the file until a proposed order in the proper form has been submitted.  Please pass the word.  If you or someone else you know has not yet updated forms to remove these blanks or the word”proposed” from the caption, please do so now.