Office Space Available for Affected Linn County Attorneys

Office space information available below the fold (updated on 6/19 at 5:00pm):

Ben Blackstock and John Wagner have a few offices and conference rooms, complete with computers, high speed Internet, telephones, fax, printers, and scanners that attorneys can use free of charge. Their contact information is:

Ben Blackstock or John Wagner
1000 Collins Rd NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Brady & O’Shea, PC has a few offices that are open, with access to phones and computers/internet access. Its contact information is:

2735 First Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
Phone: (319) 866-9277

Allen, Vernon & Hoskins, P.L.C. has some office space available, with fax, printer, copier, internet data lines. Please contact:

Jeffrey K. Robison
Allen, Vernon & Hoskins, P.L.C.
1175 Eighth Avenue, P.O. Box 488
Marion, IA 52302
319 377-9441
Fax 377-8147

Jessica Wiebrand and Judy Hoover have a small a small conference room that they would like to offer to attorneys to use for meeting with their clients until their offices get back up and running. If interested, contact Judy Hoover so they can set up a schedule:

Judy Hoover
2000 First Avenue N.E. Suite 100
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402-6300
(319) 377-8935

Linn-Mar High School may have space available. Contact Karla Christian, Executive Director of Human Resources, Linn-Mar Community School District, 3333 North 10th Street, Marion, IA 52302, 319-447-3036

Lynch Dallas has two offices that could be used but would require internet hook up. It also has a relative large area of unfinished space [some divided into offices] in the first floor of its building that could be converted. Please contact Scott McLeod or its building manager David Nichols to discuss. It also has conference rooms that could be scheduled for depositions and conferences.

From Jeannine Roberts: “Ellen Ramsey-Kacena and I have two small empty offices in Executive Plaza, 4403 First Ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Phone, internet and fax are available, but no office furniture.” Contact Jeannine at Telephone: 319-247-0161 or .

From John Ehrhart on July 30, 2008:   Fully equipped office space available for two attorneys and staff at Suite 1010, 425 Plaza Building (formerly APAC Building).     Work is available.   Call John Ehrhart, Jon McCright, Gary Shea or Guy Booth.   Phone (319) 366-7795