Nominations Sought by I.O.W.A. for Arabella Mansfield and Gertrude Rush awards

The Iowa Organization of Women Attorneys  is seeking nominations for the the Arabella Mansfield and Gertrude Rush awards.   The Arabella Mansfield Award is intended to recognize a female attorney who has nurtured women in our field.  The Gertrude Rush award is designed to recognize an attorney, male or female, who has contributed to human and civil rights issues.  Nominations are due May 15, 2009.   The awards will be presented at the IOWA annual meeting and dinner, Thursday, June 25, 2009.   The nomination forms can be viewed here:

Gertrude Rush nomination form

Arabella Mansfield nomination form

Next Bar Meeting March 19 at CR Art Museum

 The  Linn County Bar Association  meeting will be held  on Thursday,  March 19, 2009, at  Noon, at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art,  located at 410  3rd Avenue SE,  Cedar Rapids.     The speaker will be Amy Reasner, IDOT Commissioner.   She will be speaking on the  federal stimulus funding spent by the IDOT and the process by which the IDOT Commission plans and programs road preservation and expansion in Iowa.


Lunch is $7 and will be  catered by  Kristeena’s.


RSVP’s  are required only if  you plan to attend.   If you are  planning to attend, please  reply to this email by 2 p.m. on Wednesday,  March 18, 2009.    If your plans subsequently change, and  you are no longer able to attend, please e-mail or call 365-9101, ext. 119.


March 10 Memo from Dist. Ct. Admin. re Court Furlough Days

District Court Administrator Carroll Edmondson issued the following Memo on March 10, 2009  to all Linn County attorneys and law enforcement:



TO:                         Linn County Attorney, Linn County Public Defender, Linn

County Advocate, All Attorneys in Linn County, and Law

Enforcement in Linn County


FROM:               Carroll Edmondson, District Court Administrator


DATE:                 March 10, 2009


1.            All district court offices – clerk of court, court administration, and juvenile court services – will be closed on the following furlough dates:


·               Friday, March 20                        

·               Friday, April 10

·               Friday, April 24

·               Friday, May 8

·               Friday, May 22

·               Friday, June 5

·               Friday, June 19


In addition to court offices closing on the above dates, please be advised that

effective March 24, 2009 the clerk‘s office will be closed to the public

 every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.


2.           Although court offices will be closed on the above furlough dates, judges will be at the courthouse working.   Judges will be present to conduct judicial business that does not require the assistance of a court reporter.   Counsel will be required to sign a waiver of reporting from for unreported hearings during furlough days as per Rule 1.903 of the Rules of Civil Procedure.


 Some examples of the types of matters which may be handled by judges on furlough days include:


·               In custody initial appearances at 9:30 a.m. (Jones defendants) and 10:30 a.m. (Hinzman defendants)

·               Final pretrial conferences in civil cases

·               Judicial reviews

·               Summary judgment motions

·               Status conferences in family law cases

·               Motions to compel, dismiss, sanctions, etc.

·               Uncontested probate matters

·               Arrest warrants and search warrants

·               Trial informations

·               Arraignments

·               Initial appearances for those not in custody

·               FED‘s (Writ of possession will not go to sheriff on furlough days)

·               BEP contempt hearings

·               Adjudication of guilt hearings in district associate court

·               Final pretrial conferences and defaults in juvenile cases

·               Emergency removal orders in juvenile cases


3.            Attorneys who want orders signed by a judge on a furlough day must bring the proposed orders to the judge to sign.   Any order signed by a judge on a furlough day will be retained by the judge for filing with the clerk on the next day the clerk‘s office is open to the public for business.   No judge will have access to the clerk‘s office on furlough days.


4.            If an attorney seeks an order from a judge on a furlough day, the attorney must have the file delivered to the appropriate judge by the clerk of court before 2:30 p.m. the day before the furlough day.   Judges will not sign orders without the court file in hand.


5.           There will be no domestic abuse hearings on furlough days.


6.           The administrative judge and the criminal presiding judge will continue to hold order hour from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on furlough days.


7.           There will be no means to formally recall arrest warrants on furlough days.

Donations of Office Supplies for Sixth Judicial District Sought


 As you are probably aware, the Iowa Judiciary currently faces a budget crisis of almost unprecedented magnitude.   The Governor and Legislature have mandated a massive cut to the Judiciary’s budget because of the state’s budget crisis.   Because almost all of the Judiciary’s budget is made up of employee costs, the only way to implement the mandated budget cuts is to cut out travel by judicial employees and to furlough or lay off employees.   This has a huge impact on the timeliness and effectiveness of our courts.

The Linn County Bar Association has contacted Judge Remley to find out how we can help.   It has been suggested that the LCBA donate office supplies so that the District can focus more of its resources on its other operating expenses.   The donation needs to be in the form of office supplies because cash donations will simply be added to the general fund and won’t necessarily benefit the courts in the 6th Judicial District.   The Linn County Bar Association’s Board of Governors is requesting that each of the Association’s members donate $20 to the Linn County Bar Association for this purpose.   Donations should bear the notation “court office supplies”and mailed to our Treasurer, Todd Anderson at Elderkin & Pirnie,   P.O. Box 1968,   Cedar Rapids, IA.   52406.     The Association will coordinate with the 6th Judicial District and use all donations received to purchase office supplies for the 6th Judicial District.

U of I Law Students to help with CR flood recovery March 14-19; Contributions sought

During the  University of Iowa College of Law’s spring break March 14-19, U of I law students will be once again  helping with Cedar Rapids flood recovery efforts.   See an email from Rob  Sand below.   Following a review of a request by the Iowa Law School students and a request from Associate Dean Linda McGuire at the Iowa Law School, the LCBA Board of Governors recently authorized a $200 contribution to assist the students with meals, tools and transportation costs associated with their spring break flood cleanup/repair work in Cedar Rapids. If anyone wants to personally volunteer time or money to help with their efforts you may contact Dean McGuire for details at  or Rob Sand at   You can also donate securely online via the link posted below.


—–Original Message—–
From: [] On Behalf Of Rob Sand
Subject: Iowa Law C.R. Flood Relief
Dear Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Legal Community,
After successful spring break service trips to New Orleans in 2006, 2007, and 2008, this year students from the University of Iowa College of Law want to stay in Iowa to help with Cedar Rapids flood recovery efforts.

Our spring break is March 14-19, and we will have from ten to twenty students working each day in Cedar Rapids, putting drywall and insulation into houses being rehabilitated. These efforts will continue the work that law students accomplished in the Fall of 2008.

Last fall, students donated over 900 hours on 4 Saturdays in Cedar Rapids. We volunteered with three different Cedar Rapids agencies to do disaster-related clean-up and to distribute legal information in the neighborhoods most affected by the summer flooding.

Now, we need your help to ensure that the students are fed, tools are provided, and transportation needs are met. I’m writing to ask you to contribute to our spring break flood recovery efforts in Cedar Rapids.

You may donate securely online at the Iowa Law Foundation’s website:    Choose the “Cedar Rapids Service Trip” option. Contributions are tax-deductible. If the cost of the trip is covered, leftover funds may be used for the Gulf Coast Service Trip. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Rob Sand
ISBA Co-President
Organizer, Iowa Law Cedar Rapids Service Trip

PS. As our efforts begin in just two weeks, contributions made this week will be especially helpful in helping us meet our budget and do as much work as possible in Cedar Rapids. If you can contribute, please take five minutes to make your contribution now. Thanks again.








Iowa Supreme Court issues Order requiring seven court closure days between March-June

Below is the text of a press release issued by the Iowa Supreme Court today:

Today, the Iowa Supreme Court issued a Supervisory Order  requiring all court offices, including clerk of district court offices and the office of the clerk of the supreme court, to be closed for seven days before the end of the current fiscal year on June 30. The move is in anticipation of a $3.8 million reduction in the FY 09 Iowa Judicial Branch operating budget. The closures are in addition to the February 16, 2009, closure required in an earlier supervisory order.

With the order, all court staff will take unpaid leave March 20, April 10, April 24, May 8, May 22, June 5 and June 19, 2009. One day of unpaid leave for all judicial employees except judges and magistrates (1,600 people) reduces expenditures by $335,009. Judges and magistrates are not subject to the unpaid leave order because the legislature sets their salaries and the supreme court lacks the statutory authority to change these salaries. On days the court offices are closed, judges and magistrates will work in their chambers to maintain a minimal level of access to the courts.  

The order also reduces the public hours of all offices of the clerk of district court. Clerks’ offices will be closed to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 p.m. to closing

 “While this change in our customary public business hours is an unwelcome reduction in public access to the courts, it is necessary to help minimize other problems that will result from court closure days,” State Court Administrator David Boyd said. “By providing the clerk of district court offices with some uninterrupted work time each week, we hope to maintain productivity and thereby minimize delays in case processing.”

Additionally, the supreme court canceled its April 28-30 oral arguments to save travel expenses. The supreme court justices will remain in their home counties and consider only cases submitted without oral arguments. The court of appeals will also modify its April oral argument schedule. A panel of judges residing in the Des Moines area will hear oral arguments in the Judicial Branch Building and a second panel of judges living in Northwest Iowa will hear cases in the Dickenson County Courthouse in Spirit Lake. A third panel of judges will remain in their home counties and consider only cases submitted without oral argument.

Today’s order clarifies the earlier supervisory order reducing judge and court reporter travel expenses and gives chief judges the flexibility to assign a judge to preside over a trial outside the official domicile when the compelling interest of justice requires it or when the trial is held in a county where the judge resides.

 In addition, to further reduce expenses, the judicial branch will no longer post videos on its website, including supreme court oral arguments. For more information, go to,

CLE approved for February 2009 bar meeting

State CLE credit (including ethics credit)  in the amount of .5 hours has been approved for the LCBA  February 2009  meeting as follows:

Program Name: U of I Associate Dean Linda McGuire on pro bono requirements

Start Date:   02/19/2009
End Date:   02/19/2009
City:   Cedar Rapids
Class Type:   Standard(live)
Total CLE Hours Approved:   0.5 (includes ethics hours)
Ethics Hours Approved:   0.5
Activity Number:   57645The outline from the CLE can be viewed here:  McGuire outline on pro bono requirements







CLE approved for 2009 Bench Bar Conference; January 2009 bar meeting

State CLE credit in the amount of 1.0 hours has been approved for the LCBA 2009 Bench-Bar Conference as follows:

Program Name: 2009 Bench-Bar Conference
Start Date: 01/06/2009
End Date: 01/06/2009
City: Cedar Rapids
Class Type: Standard(live)
Total CLE Hours Approved: 1.0 (includes ethics hours)
Ethics Hours Approved: 0.0
Activity Number: 56500

State CLE credit in the amount of .5 hours has been approved for the LCBA January 2009 bar meeting as follows:

Program Name: January 2009 Bar Meeting
Start Date: 01/15/2009
End Date: 01/15/2009
City: Cedar Rapids
Class Type: Standard(live)
Total CLE Hours Approved: 0.5 (includes ethics hours)
Ethics Hours Approved: 0.0
Activity Number: 56504

 The outline for the presentation on representing military clients presented by Pete Welch of Crawford Sullivan Read & Roemerman can be viewed here: Family Military Law outline