LCBA Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee of the LCBA has selected the following slate of nominees to be placed on the ballot for election at the Annual Meeting to be held in June:

President-Elect:                           Connie Alt (to be President in 2009-10)

Treasurer:                                             Todd Anderson (term expiring 2010)

Board of Governors:           Bill Nicholson (term expiring 2011)

                                                                            Laura Mueller (term expiring 2011)

Current President-Elect Scott McLeod will become President at the Annual Meeting.

In addition to the names submitted by the Nominating Committee, any member of the LCBA may have his or her name placed upon the ballot for a position by submitting to the LCBA a petition with at least 10 LCBA members‘ signatures.   Nomination petitions shall be submitted to LCBA President Allison Heffern ( at least four weeks prior to the meeting.   Members will vote on and elect the officers and governors for the open positions at the Annual Meeting.

Thornhill in Iraq — XIII

Once again, it’s been about a month since I sent out an e-mail update to the group.   The good news is – this will be the last!   As of today, April 22nd, I have 8 days left on the FOB and 9 days left in Iraq!   Boy has time slowed down considerably.   I have attached a few recent photos that will give you a little bit of an idea what I’ve been doing lately.   The first is actually a copy of a photo that appeared in the Ida County Courier, my hometown newspaper in Ida Grove.   If you recall, shortly after I arrived here at the Law & Order Task Force, a guy who went to  high school with me showed up.   This clipping from the Courier is of Pat and me delivering some Girl Scout cookies to local Iraqi children.   It’s easy to feel bad for the locals here, but seeing the children really gets to you.   I found out shortly thereafter that the cookies did not last long!
The second photo is from about 2 weeks ago.    I am with 4 of our federal law enforcement agents on the day they were leaving the FOB to head home.   Notice how they are smiling and I am not!   If I did not mention it before, this task force includes a lot of people from a lot of different agencies.   This group of agents consisted of 1 FBI, 1 DEA, and 2 ATF.   These guys, like their replacements, are on 3 month rotations.   The effort we (the U.S.) is putting into helping the Iraqis establish their legal system is really tremendous.   The progress is slow, but at least it’s progress!
fob-shield-apr-2008-2-019.JPGThe third photo is from last week.   This is me teaching a session at a week-long seminar on fighting terrorism using law enforcement.   This was held at the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Bureau.   The audience is a pretty select group of high-ranking Iraqi officials.   I was fortunate and honored to be recommended to participate in this event by the Director of our task force.   The other members of the seminar “faculty” were flown in from the United States.   The only bad part about the week (that I did not tell Paula until I returned!) was that it was held in the IZ (International Zone a/k/a Green Zone).   If you’ve been watching the news, the IZ has pretty much been taking rocket and mortar fire on a daily basis.   If you want the details, you’ll have to wait until I get home.
Needless to say, I am in the process of winding down my work here and am VERY excited to get home.   I have flag football games to get to and baseball season starts for all 3 boys!   It will take me a while to get home as I have a couple stops to make on the way.   With luck, I should be home by the middle of May.   I will let you all know when I get home.   And, yes, I dream about Tomaso’s Pizza and beer almost nightly!
See you soon.

Courier Photo

LCBA May “Meeting” at Vets for CR Kernels game May 20

LCBA members are invited to join the LCBA at its “May Meeting” on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, beginning at Noon at the Veterans Memorial Stadium for a game between our local Cedar Rapids Kernels and the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.   We have reserved the Pavilion area at the ball park for our LCBA group.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to Tami Drexler at her direct dial 896-4080 or at   If you RSVP by May 2, 2008, the LCBA will pay for your ticket.   The LCBA Board of Governors will be at the ballpark a half hour before game time to hand out your tickets.   If you do not RSVP by May 2, we would still love to have you join us for the game, but you will be on your own for the cost of the ticket ($9.00 per person at the gate).   Also, if you RSVP, but then find you can’t make it, please let us know before May 5, 2008, or let us know who will be taking your place at the game.

 Plan on attending for good food, good conversation and great baseball with the Cedar Rapids Kernels!

CLE approved for April 2008 LCBA Meeting

State CLE ethics credit in the amount of .5 hours has been approved for the April 2008 LCBA Meeting as follows:  

Program Name:   Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Call from the Iowa Disciplinary Board
Date:   4/17/2008
City:   Cedar Rapids
Class Type:   Standard(live)
Total CLE Hours Approved:   .5 (includes ethics hours)
Ethics Hours Approved:   .5
Activity Number:   50666

Next LCBA meeting April 17

The  April meeting of the Linn County Bar Association will be held on Thursday,  April 17, 2008, beginning at Noon, at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art on Third Avenue SE across from Greene Square Park. The meeting room is located on the third floor. Parking is available behind the building on the Second Avenue side. Lunch is $7 and will be provided by Kristeena‘s.

This month‘s speaker is Mark Hudson of Shuttleworth & Ingersoll.   He will present on “The Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Call from the Iowa Disciplinary Board.”   One half-hour state ethics CLE has been approved for this event.

LCBA Member Hon. David Baker appointed to Iowa Supreme Court

Congratulations to Linn County Bar Association member Hon. David Baker, who was appointed to the Iowa Supreme Court by Governor Culver on April 4. Judge Baker, who was appointed as a district judge in the Sixth Judicial District in 2005 and to the Court of Appeals in 2006, is Culver’s first appointee to the Court.


Judge Baker fills the upcoming vacancy on the Iowa Supreme Court that will occur when Justice Jerry Larson retires May 17.

Kids First Law Center’s 3rd Anniversary Party & Silent Auction April 24

Kids First Law Center invites all attorneys and judges to join it in celebrating Kids First’s  third anniversary at a cocktail party  Thursday, April 24, 2008 from 5-7 p.m. at the CR Chop House.   The party will feature drinks, hors d’oeuvres, socializing, and a silent auction.    Entry is free, as is the first drink!   The party is being sponsored by Brady & O’Shea, Seidl & Chicchelly, and Simmons Perrine PLC.

CLE Approved for March 2008 LCBA Meeting

State CLE credit in the amount of .5 hours has been approved for the  March 2008 LCBA meeting as follows:

Program Name:   Linn County Bar Association meeting – March 2008 (Topic: Drug Treatment Court)
Date:   3/19/2008
City:   Cedar Rapids
Class Type:   Standard(live)
Total CLE Hours Approved:   .5 (includes ethics hours)
Ethics Hours Approved:   0
Activity Number:   50344

Agenda announced for LCBA Summer Outing CLE to be held July 10

The 2008  LCBA Summer Outing CLE will be held from on Thursday, July 10 from 8:00 – 11:30 a.m. at Dows Fine Arts Center at Coe College. Application will be made for 3.25 credit hours, including 1 ethics hour. The agenda is below.   The CLE is free to all paid LCBA members.   Registration cards will be mailed to members in May.

Lunch will be provided following the CLE at Clarke Alumni House on the Coe campus. Box lunches for those who pre-registered for them will be available at Dows Fine Arts Center following the CLE.

7:30-8:00 Registration &
Continental Breakfast
dscf0962-3.jpg 8:00-8:30 State District Court

6th Judicial District Chief Judge David Remley

mccartan.jpg 8:30-9:00 Demons & Angels: Legal Issues in Raising Equity Capital
Bill McCartan, Bradley & Riley
9:00-9:30 Iowa Crime Restitution Act
Linn County Attorney’s Office
9:30-9:45 Break
9:45-10:45 Ethics Presentation
Charles W. Harrington, Asst. Director for Attorney Discipline, Office of Professional Regulation, Iowa Supreme Court
tommiller3_small.jpg 10:45-11:30 Topic TBA
Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General

Thornhill in Iraq — XII

Hello family and friends – Happy Easter!

Forgive me for not writing sooner or more often. Things have been busy here, my best excuse is that I just returned from a little R&R in Qatar! Because of the complications of travel, a 4 day R&R pass took up 9 days of my life. It was well worth it! A fellow JAG lawyer (Air Force) and I spent about 5 days in sunny, warm, and quiet Doha, Qatar. There is a U.S. military base there where we stayed. It was nice just to get away and I enjoyed the quiet and being able to go out in town without wearing body armor or riding in an uparmored vehicle. The highlight of the trip for me was golfing! Yes, I was able to play 9 holes at the Doha Golf Course (see photos). As you can probably tell by that putt, I didn’t play at all last year! It was nice to see grass again and the rental clubs (Pings) were a whole lot nicer than my own. We played in the moring and got out of there before it really got hot. If you are wondering how the locals can golf in the summer when it gets miserably hot, well, they play at night. That’s right, the entire course has lights! Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I hit just enough good shots to make me anxious to play when I get home. I would have played more but, unfortunately, the golf trip was offered only once during my stay.

Not that I’m counting or anything, but I have just under 6 weeks left here in Iraq. Needless to say, I am anxious to come home. With luck, I should be home by the middle of May. The extra 2 weeks is for out-processing and demobilization. I hope to be home in time to see the last flag football games for Bennett and Camden! I will be home just in time for baseball season. It’s probably a little early to start counting down but I can’t help it.

The rainy season is over. I’m glad. As I said before, when it rains here it is quite a mess. The downside of the changing seasons is that it is starting to warm up. I will be out of here before the weather gets too oppressive, but it’s already warm. Today’s forecast high is 98. Tomorrow and Tuesday it’s supposed to be 100! Hopefully I won’t be going anywhere for a while so I don’t have to put on all the gear.

I really don’t have much else to pass along. I am doing fine and still glad that I came. I am exteremely happy that my tour is only 6 months. I can’t imagine what a year or the 15 months that a lot of people are doing over here would be like. Thanks to all of you who have sent cards, e-mails, and care packages. I really appreciate it. Keep the cards and e-mails coming but there is no need for additional care packages. I am pretty well stocked on what I need and should be good for the duration. You can always keep a cold beverage in your fridge for me and invite me over when I get home so I can tell you all the stories I am unable to over e-mail!

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. I see the forecast high for Cedar Rapids today is 37 – must be nice!!