Thornhill in Iraq–VI

LCBA Member Ian Thornhill of the U.S. Attorney‘s Office in Cedar Rapids has been deployed to Iraq as a member of the Navy Reserve. He is going to be working on a task force that is helping to re-establish the Iraqi criminal court system. The LCBA will be posting his email updates, with permission.

I have a few photos of my living quarter:

Row of living quarters. Mine is about ½ way down on the right.

This is my home away from home. No one told me what “TA” stands for. I‘m going with “Talented Attorney!” And, yes, that is a combination heating & cooling unit!

Inside view from the front to the back. Shower is not pictured but is on the right in the bath room. See that fancy knob in the middle of the toilet tank? That the flush mechanism. Pull up & hold to flush – I spent a good 2 minutes trying to figure that out!

Inside view facing the entry door. Yes, that is a fridge in the bottom right hand corner. No Internet, phone, or T.V. in here though. Again, over here this is high class living.