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Online Payment for Annual Dues

The LCBA provides invoices for dues via e-mail. This process allows for online payment using a credit card. Please contact us if you do not receive an invoice via e-mail.

Linn County Bar Association Dues Policy


Passed February 3, 2016 by the Linn County Bar Association Board of Governors and amended May 4, 2016

According to the Articles of Incorporation:


Any person of good character and reputation who has graduated from an accredited law school, who works or who resides in Linn County, who pays dues and assessments, if any, which are fixed from time to time by the Board of Governors, and who complies with such conditions as may be required by the Articles or Bylaws, shall be eligible for membership upon election by majority vote of the members present at any annual, regular or special meeting of the corporation.

The Board of Governors shall have the power and authority to fix the dues and assessments, if any, to be paid by members.   Such dues and assessments may vary among classes of members if the Board of Governors from time to time elects to vary dues and assessments taking into account a member‘s status as honorary, inactive,  retired or the like.   The Board of Governors may, after it has established classes of membership, vary those classes, adopt additional classes, or eliminate classes as the Board may elect.

Annual Membership Dues
  1. Attorneys who have been admitted to any bar for fewer than 5 years: $120

  2. Attorneys who have been admitted to any bar for 5-49 years: $150

  3. Attorneys who have been in practice for 50 or more years: $0


The Linn County Bar Association operates on an August 1—July 31 fiscal year.   Dues will be invoiced after August 1. Dues are waived in the fiscal year in which a new member joins. Dues that are paid after September 30 of any program year will be assessed a late fee of $25.

Other categories



An attorney that is retired/inactive from his/her profession and is no longer actively employed shall be entitled to a 50% reduction in the dues levels stated above.   This includes Emeritus Status attorneys.


All full time judges (including senior status or retired)  of any level shall be considered honorary members of the LCBA and shall not be charged dues.

Public Service

Attorneys that are employed by a non profit legal services organization that has received funding from the LCBA in the prior two fiscal years(i.e. Legal Aid or Kids First) shall be exempt from dues payment.   All other attorneys that are employed by non profit organizations, judicial law clerks  or prosecutor‘s/defender‘s   offices shall be shall be entitled to a 50% reduction in the dues levels stated above.

Charitable Contribution

Voluntary charitable contributions go towards funding legal-related charitable organizations in Linn County.  Contributions or gifts to the LCBA are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. The LCBA is a 501(c)(6) organization.

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