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Citizenship Award Nominations Sought

The Board of Governors is seeking nominees for its Citizenship Award. Any LCBA member may nominate any other LCBA member for this award. The following factors will be considered in determining the award recipient:

  1. Active participation in civic organizations that provide services to others in the community, state and/or country (not necessarily just to other lawyers);

  2. Active participation in activities designed to further the interests of the Iowa bar (whether at the local, regional, or state level);

  3. Demonstrates strength of character and ability to motivate others to action to benefit the community, state and/or country; and

  4. Supports, promotes and “goes above and beyond” to further the interest of others in the local community.

Please note that current Board of Governors members and LCBA officers are not eligible for this award.

Please submit your nominations for the Citizenship Award to LCBA President-Elect Laura Hyer at by Monday, January 4, 2021.

The Citizenship Award will be presented at the Bench/Bar event on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

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